Saturday, August 19, 2006

When did REGISTRATION become a contact sport??

Sleeping bags, camping chairs, coolers with food and drinks. The line for tickets to the Stones? Star Wars? Nope. SUNDAY SCHOOL.

Seriously, y'all? This is what we've come to? No one wants to volunteer to teach religious ed, so the classes are numbered, which means spaces are limited, bringing us into the ugly world of Christian supply and demand.

Registration began at 9 am this morning, but the line started at 5:30. By the time we got there at around 8:45, the line was wrapped around the church twice, people were wilting, and no one was happy about the 95 degree weather. The lengths people will go to not to have to deal with other people's kids...

Anyway, after about an hour we got in just fine (mostly because I cut in line accidentally, but whatever), then headed on to our next registration destination: the YMCA.

At about the time we were leaving the church, my friend called saying people had been lined up at the Y since 4 am, and the line was out to the parking lot, so we should get moving, like, yesterday.

By then I was so hot and frustrated from church that I just figured we'd get there when we get there, and if spaces were available, great. If not, there was always clown school.

Luckily the Katrina Effect had worn off for gymnastics by the time we arrived, so we were able to walk right up, pick our class, and be done with it. Except with us, it's never easy.

Ryan was having a hard time deciding between dance or gymnastics, so I told her we could try both for a while to see which she preferred. The only hitch was I was in such a rush to get into gymnastics, I didn't look at the dance class time, which of course coincided with gymnastics, which meant I had to get back in line, re-do the registratin and get Ry into a different class.

Luckily, the Y had provided a jumping pit and sno-cones to keep the kiddies happy, bringing the number of ridiculously superfluous shit we'll do for our kids so we don't have to listen to them whine to new heights.

I think I should start a parenting school focused just on the Art of the Registration Process. Everyone would be welcome but, of course, you'd have to register first.

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