Thursday, August 31, 2006

Catholic School Orientation: The most fun you can legally have with a Priest

Not because of the excitement of meeting the new teacher, checking out the new digs, or signing up for the numerous booster-clubs and after-school activites -- not even because of the fact that I am THIS MUCH CLOSER to not having to juggle both the kids every day all day, but because I got to see Shawn try to carry on a conversation with our sweet old parish Priest.

Rarely does my husband ever become intimidated or flumoxed, but when he does, I like to pull up a chair, sit back, and quietly laugh my ass off (What? He'd do the same for me!). Unfortunatley, I had to settle for standing with the stroller, holding Jax and laughing my ass off, but it was sooo worth it just to be able to see Shawn stammer and sweat. (I really do adore him, I swear)

That, and I got to hear someone else's kid say this:

Teacher: " How are you today, Nancy?"

Kid: "Good! I just swallowed some throw-up!"


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