Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fishies and Rainbows and Puppies, Oh My!

Ryan's Sunday School class had the kids tell 3 things they were thankful for, in honor of Thanksgiving. Here is what she said:
1. Goldfish (not sure if she meant the cracker kind, or the 3 goldfish we bought her this summer, all of which were named Ariel, all of which died within 3 hours of setting up house)
2. Rainbows (natch)
3. "My doggy named Buster" (Damn... I really thought she would have forgotten this dog by now! I mean, he went to "live with his daddy", like, a year ago... )

Notice there is no mention of myself, Shawn, Jax, or any other friends/family. Whatever.

Happy Turkey Day!!!!

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