Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Two-for-One Wednesday

Another post? Heh. You should have been in the car with Jax on the way home from dropping Ry and her friend off at acting. After 10 minutes of straight "why's" from Jax (what the "why's" were regarding, I have no idea), I stated "No more questions, Jax."

Guess what he said?


badumbum, ching.

Then we pass one of Shawn's restaurants and he starts screaming"My Daddy! My Daddy!" So I say, "What's Daddy's name?" And he goes, "Shit!" I'm pretty sure this has happened before...

And finally, we've arrived home, I've come up to my room to check email, he follows and shuts the door on the dog, laughing, getting down on his tummy so he and Lola can lick each other through the 1/2inch of space between the carpet and the door.

Now? Well, now he's climbed up on the giant chair behind, pulling my waistband-fat out and watching it snap back (snap, jiggle, whatever) and yelling, "Funny! Funny!"
Whatever this kid is on, I would like some as well. That is all.

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