Saturday, June 30, 2007

I Triple-Dog-Dare You

--to find anything more repulzive than coming home and finding that your dog has been eating your son's poopy diaper from the trash.

In your room.

Next to your side of the bed.

It's like my decision to buy that Bissel yesterday was a sign from God.

Speaking of bargains, I also scored some pretty cool cheap-o toys at Target, too. I'm telling you, the best place and time to stock up on birthday gifts is at the end of each season -- especially Christmas and Summer -- you can get so many good toys for soooo little. Am I right, ladies??

I'm not ashamed of my cheap-gift-buying status. Toys are expensive as shit, y'all, and we have a LOT of birthdays. Not that I personally haven't always been like this.

I once famously gifted both my sisters with random-shaped cut out posterboard with pictures and hlitter glued on for Christmas. To be fair, it was my freshman year in college, and I had not yet discovered credit.

Since then, my home-made gifts have upgraded to handmade cards and personalized scrapbooks. I'm not the only one -- another friend does embroidery, so every birthday she gives a beach towel with their name embroided on it. Granted, hers takes actual skill, but gimme a break, here.

Actually, lately I've moved up a bit and have started sending our chunkyrhino items as gifts. (You're welcome, Elisa and Kellie!). Is that horrible? Am I using a friend's special day to self-promote? Probably, but what the hell?? I think they're cute, and if they don't, do I really want them as a friend? I mean, really?

Or is it worse to get a real toy, but one that was purchased at clearance price? I don't know what other Moms think, but I could care less what your kid gives my kid. Most of it I just end up selling, anyway. Sorry if that smarts, but I'm trying to open up an honest discussion, here. I mean, I know some of those moms shop discount like us (Hi Ang!!), so do they care if they know you are giving their kid a discount gift (Hi Ang!)?

I hope not, cause if they do, Ry and and Jax are gonna be missing out on a LOT of invites.


redpolkadotsgirl said...

If the kid LOVES the toy, who cares how much was paid for it! And you know, right now I'm so PISSED not to be near Target. This is so my way to shop!!!!! I do stock-ups when things are on clearance. Like I said, kids don't care or know and if parents have a problem with it then there are bigger issues. I'd rather find a kick-ass toy on clearance and give it then to have to give something not so great that was full price.

so did you see anything that my kid would just LOVE? tell me!!!!! make me make a trip up to see you :)

and I know that you are just kidding about Lola, RIGHT??????? you can't be serious.

and what person doesn't love getting candles as gifts? I personally love homemade gifts. It means the person put some thought into it.

so....they have anymore of those bissel's?????

Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

Girl. I am sooo serious about Lola. I do not want her anywhere near me. We got HUnter a {irates of the Carribbean toy -- I'm not sure if he's into that, but Ryan loves it, so here's hoping!! And yes, the Bissel did come from Target, but it was the only one -- I think it was 'cause the box was opened or something.

redpolkadotsgirl said...

hello ~ Hunter LOVES Pirates of the Caribbean. He really wants to see the movie but I've heard it's a little too violent. He almost had a Pirates party but he found a spiderman cake!