Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Menana the Humanitarian

So you guys know all about my Mom, right? Biggest Bleeding Heart Liberal you ever did meet (how do you think I got this way?). Remember back when we were kids and Michael Jackson and all the stars did the Aid for Africa stuff? Every time those guys were on TV, there was Mom, sobbing. Remember Baby Jessica? Sobbing. Even now, she is active in human rights, heading up the Invisible Children project at her high school.

But even Gandhi has an off day. And thus, so does Menana.

She and my Dad had been traveling across Texas and living in hotel/motel state for the past 2 weeks, partly because they drove down to visit her Dad, and partly because they're having their home remodeled, and have thus been displaced. The home improvement project has taken longer than they were expecting, making life thoroughly unpleasant for both of them, but most especially Menana, who is balking at the fact that etiquette required them to accept a friend's offer to stay at their palatial villa while they are out of town, to give Mom and Dad some relief from the Marble Falls Inn. Some people.

When I called to check on her yesterday, she was at her own house in the only room not being worked on: the storage/office/gym room next to the garage. The one without a/c. Sweating and watching Law & Order because she just doesn't feel comfortable in other people's palatial villas.

So this morning, when I awoke to non-stop news reports that massive flooding had attacked Marble Falls overnight, leaving people stranded, roads flooded, etc, I called to see how they were doing.

"Oh, we're fine. We're on our way to check the house now. The creeks and rivers are just rushing -- it's crazy!! I really hope the tile guy can get back out here today to finish, he only got halfway done yesterday." All in one breath. Just like that.

Like I said, Menana the Humanitarian.

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