Wednesday, August 1, 2007

These Just In...

New cards from chunkyrhino! Our handmade cards are back, I've been working hard on lots of new 4pk sets, and am starting on Halloween and Christmas orders as we speak! Check out the adorable Baby cards I finished yesterday -- they ALMOST make me want to have another! (But then Jax rips open and pours out oatmeal packets/tea bags/coffe cans -- take your pick, he did. One of each this week.)

For a limited time, you can get 4 cards for $6 or 10 for $12. Have a custom order? Not a problem -- let me know and we'll get started!

(But not today. Today I'm taking the kids and Lola to visit Menana at the lake while Big Daddy rides his Harley to Arkansas to visit the kin folk. Tomorrow, though. Definitely tomorrow!!)

Ooh! I almost forgot -- keep checking back for the brand-new chunkyrhino design we'll be adding to our line of apparel and gifts -- featuring art work by Ryan!! Also, I just got a fresh batch of candles from Angie -- she's got lots of yummy new scents -- check 'em out before they are gone!!!
And last but not least, a big fat Congratulations and Welcome to my friend Rory and his new son Hudson and my friend Kellie and her baby girl, Alex. Rory is getting this for Hudson, and Kellie got this for Alex, although I forgot how much we both hated breast-feeding and that by the time Alex is big enough to wear it, it probably won't pertain to her, anyway. Maybe I'll make it up to her with some free Baby Girl cards...

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