Monday, August 20, 2007

MOTY Update 2007

Well, kids, I have done it once again, and am back in what I really feel should be the uncontested running for Mother of the Year. After the slumber party I just pulled off for Ryan, Sainthood can only be just around the corner.

Stupidly, and with stars in my eyes, I agreed to let Ryan have an end-of-summer slumber party, and went to town making hand-made invites for each of the 3 girls who would be anointed with the pure pleasure of spending the night at Casa del York.

Not only that, but I had promised Ryan that we could make personalized stationary for each of the girls as a take-home party favor, a task I quickly regretted agreeing to, seeing as how none of the moms really knew what to say about the gifts, and the girls didn't even know what they were. That, and it takes me about 2 hours to make 4 cards. Cest la vie! I had fun and Ry was pleased, so what more can you ask for??

We made individual pizzas,
ate lots of brownies, and the girls spent the majority of the time floating between watching High School Musical 2 and playing a game they made up call "Mystery girls", the foundation of which I quickly learned came from the fact that they had, as it got darker, turned out the lights, turned on their flashlights and proceeded to follow the mystery "footprints" that had been left all around the house. When they were finally able to get me to come play along, it was to my major embarrassment and minimal joy that I saw the 'footprints" they were following were actually just all the nasty stains and spills that cover our carpets. Nice.

I'm just glad I was able to aid them in the imagination process. Then I built a huge fort, where they played incessantly, until someone decided to venture to the blackness of the backyard to hunt for MONSTERS. One guess which girl that was...

Shawn had swept Jax away with him the minute the first girl showed up, and finally returned around 10:30 after watching the Cowboys game at Ginger's. The girls were totally stoked to see Jax, and he soaked up the adoration. It reeked of foreshadowing.

Nestled in their comfy couch bed in front of the tv, they eventually fell asleep to Curious George, but not before the last of the tattling brought with it orders from me for everyone to "take a deep breath, and take turns". I laughed as I overheard the tattler repeat my words to the rest of the gang, declaring that "Miss Amy said to take turns, and that you, you, you and me all have to take a deep breath." And then they did.

I wish I'd had time to jot down every humorous thing overheard, but with all the card-making, kitchen cleaning, fort-building and running tattle-tale interference, I could not do much more than laugh with no one at the funny things that came flying out of the mouths of 5 -yr-old little girls.

Anyway, Sunday morning came roaring into our room at 7:30 am, and I quickly grabbed Jax and went in search of chocolate-sprinkled donuts, leaving Shawn to fend off the she-beasts on his own.

One by one, the girls took their leave, and finally, blessedly, at 12:30 the last one left and all four of us retreated upstairs for a nap. And nap we did.

But now the mess remains, I have online BTS shopping to complete, and someone has to do something about the growing expanse of my backside, so it might as well be me. Thank God for the YMCA's free childcare.

Didn't I tell you? Mother of the Freakin' Year.

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