Friday, August 17, 2007

High School Musical 2: The Meltdown

Ever since I found myself showing Ryan a scene from Grease 2 ("Cool Rider", if you must know. And yes, I did show her how we used to use the arms of the couch to be Stephanie Zanoni.), wondering how in the hell our moms let us watch this when we were her age, I have let up a little on my High School Musical Ban, allowing her to watch both 1 and 2 which, as most of the free (mommy) world surely knows by now,premieres tonight. I have to say, I'm totally giving in to peer pressure on this one.

Along with the rest of the Disney-watching community, we have been on HM2 alert for the majority of the week, so my lifting the ban a day before the premiere was a little like how I imagine bringing home a pony would be.

She's been exhilarated all yesterday and today, has it circled on her calender, and she has asked me to only call her Gabrielle from now on. When she woke up this morning next to me, the first words out of her mouth were: "High School Musical 2 is today!!"

She's asked repeatedly for posters for her wall like her other friends, to which I reply, "I like your Harry Potter poster."

"I do, too, mom, but maybe I could put the High School Musical poster above my bed on the ceiling," (which would make it 15 inches from her face) "then I could kiss Troy!!"

You see? This is what I was afraid of. The boy she wants to "kiss"is this one. Yeah that's nice.

Then again, have you seen Harry Potter lately??
*DISCLAIMER: In her defense, Menana did eventually instill a ban on Grease2. She got tired of hearing us sing "Reproduction" all the time in public places like the store, the bank, church...

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