Thursday, August 9, 2007

That's my guy

I've gotten a litle taste of what the school year will be like this week. Ryan's been going to day camp from 7:30-4:30, meaning early mornings and cranky afternoons, but more importantly -- One-on-One time with Jax!!

Yesterday we spent a copious amount of time lining up his various "Cars" cars, an activity he takes great care to perfect.

At one point he beckoned me to the big room to lay on the floor next to him and admire his work, all 4 cars lined up against the wall. After sitting and watching the cars for, oh 45 seconds, I was ready to move on.

"Good job, buddy." I said, sticking my fist out to him, "pound it."

Rather than respond with the appropriate hand maneuver that he so frequently uses with Shawn, he grinned at me, then proceeded to pound the crap out of his cars.

One step at a time, people. One step at a time.

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