Friday, August 10, 2007

Barrel of monkeys

So tonite Shawn was helping out with Jax -- giving him a bath by himself -- when all of a sudden I hear him laughing. I start up the stairs, asking what Jax did, commenting, "Did he lay down in the water and just wait for you to see him? He always does that."

Between chuckles he replied, "Yeah he laid down. And then he peed straight up in the air."

Which then led us to changing for bed, wherein in an effort to stall, he approached me at my desk, picked up a picture I had printed off the computer, and declared, "Good Job, Mommy! Is Beautiful! Look, Lola. Mommy Good Job." (apparently he speaks in first intial upper-caps) Very convincing.

The best thing about it is that he completely devotes to the scene. I think he may be my little actor. Don't tell Shawn.

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