Thursday, July 12, 2007

I've heard garlic works well, too...

I'm on the meal ministry at our church and took dinner over to a parishioner tonight who's just started chemo. I went inside and dropped off the meal while Shawn and the kids waited in the car. When I got back, Ryan was all 20 questions, wanting to know names, decor details, etc... I told them what the woman had said, that she hadn't started to feel the effects of the chemo yet, and that she was "keeping her fingers crossed" that it would stay that way.

Later we went on to a food tasting, after which I came home feeling a little queasy. As I lay on the couch, tongue hanging, pants unzipped, Ry kissed me goodnight and patted my head, gave me a knowing nod and said, "I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you, Mommy", and then proceeded to hold up each of her index fingers, making the sign of the cross, much like we use to fend off vampires.

The way I'm feeling, it just might work.

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