Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Have the Sunday Blah's

(or, the just- finished- a- mad-dash- week blah's. either will do.)

We really did have a great time at VBS last week, but it threw everything else totallly off, which left me scrambling to clean our filthy, filthy home Friday afternoon just in time for Shawn's Dad to arrive and for me to start finishing a 100% hand-sewn Tooth Fairy pillow for one of Ryan's friend's birthday gifts. For a party that was Saturday. At the same time as another party, the gift for which I also had not picked out or wrapped. That's how we do things at CrazyLand. It makes everything more fun.

So anyway, I did finish everything off, we were only late to the first party by 20 minutes, and Ryan even begged me to let her stay at the 2nd party alone. I'd been granted a reprieve, as Shawn and Dana took Jax to a jumping place, so I took my solitary hour to head home and make another gift for Jeff whose party we were going to that night. Phew. Popularity really has it's pitfalls.

So anyway, I spent this entire day in my house, in my pj's watching the "My Boy's" marathon on TBS (new season starts tomorrow!!) and intermittenly eating, napping or reading. I love days like these, mostly because they are so so few and far between. Jax and Shawn are happily on board, as well, as long as we keep a continuous loop of Mickey on the other tv for Jax and I let Shawn snooze undisturbed. It's Ryan who the blowhard, but I'm doing my Mommy best to make it up with a Girl's Night tonight.

Wonder if she'd be interested in a long, hot bath and then some quiet reading time??

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