Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Calling All Readers!!

Since the entire week thus far has consisted of a pain-free VBS and a mounting load of housework, I don't have anything funny for you -- but YOU can help ME instead! WAHOO!! (Sorry..VBS creeping in and all..)

Anyway, our pal Mindy has just launched a cute new site and I can't wait to send in a quote -- I just don't know which one to send! It's gotta be good, 'cause I'll probably only do this once, so I'm gonna let you guys pick for me!!

Feel free to reminisce over a favorite QOTD or entry, or just check out our archives and then email me or comment on what quote you think I should send in. I'll post the winning quote next Monday, and I'll send whoever helps me select it BIG PROPS!! I know, I know -- I'm very gracious that way.

Let me know if you send in one of your own kid's quotes so we can all scourge the site to find it.

Happy Hunting!!

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