Friday, July 6, 2007

Got Rain?

This raining for 3 weeks straight is starting to get under my skin. For the love of Noah -- enough already.

As gloomy as I have become over the weather, I did try to pick up the mood for our Fourth of July "party". Usually we spend the 4th at the Lake. Usually Shawn has to work, but usually that isn't such a big deal, either -- not that we don't miss him, but that we've just grown used to it. He always makes it in time for the fireworks, so all is not lost.

But this time, this time, was different. This time I was home alone with the natives, and the natives were restless.

Like I said, this rain sucks.

We'd been letting them jump on our blow-up mattress for the past 2 weeks, alternating its purpose between being a trampoline, slide, bed, and breakfast table. No holds barred when it rains, people. I'll do anything to keep them busy and happy for as long as possible. Or out of my way, anyway.

I rose to the occasion as always, covering the house here and there with red white and blue streamers, flags, etc... We filled balloons with confetti so the kids could have indoor "fireworks", I made bunches and bunches of patriotic cupcakes, and sat and waited for everyone to arrive. And waited and waited.

I didn't so much mind the wait -- there was an all-day documentary on the The Revolution showing on the HIstory channel that I watched and found fascinating, thank you very much. The kids, not so much.

Eventually the rest of the calvary arrived, we ate, drank, popped some balloons, and ate some more. Then everyone went home and we went to bed.

Since then, it's been more rain, though yesterday the sun did stay out long enough for us to hit the pool, and today I managed to pull the 3-ft-high weeds from the beds in the backyard.

Sorry about the delay in the post -- it took forever for us to find the camera, and for once i was determined to add pics to an entry!

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