Monday, May 21, 2007

*SOMEBODY got a new hat!!*

It's hard to read, but it says "Big Daddy". Ya think he's proud???

It was one of I'm sure many souveneirs from his bike trip this past weekend to Ruidoso. He's such a rockstar. Ryan loves to say to other kids, "So what, my grandpa is a BIKER!!" hee hee.

The kids and I had a great time keeping Menana company, laying out at the beach, swimming in the pool (Ry and Jax spent their pool time antagonizing college boys by jumping on their heads and stealing the football they were throwing around. hee hee) , watching movies, eating pizza..and that was only Saturday! Sunday was a nature walk/picnic/golf cart-ride extravaganze, followed by a long siesta and a ride home, where we met Daddy at the movies to see Shrek the Third.

This is when the "Happy Happy, Joy Joy" ended. Shawn didn't get to his courtyard eatery in time before they closed (which apparently is 5:58), so he threw a fit and told them they "suck", while Ry, Jax and i just laughed, eating our pizza in harmony.

Shrek was fine, at least the first hour, but then Jax had finished all the popcorn, soda and candy, was still hungry, which we all know leads to pissy, which we all know leads to Mommy taking him home in the middle of the movie, leaving Rya and Shawn to enjoy the rest in silence.

So there went the $50 Ginger gave me for my birthday. Money well spent.

It never fails to end this way, and yet I never fail to keep trying to make it turn out with a happy ending. Isn't there a definition of INSANITY in there somewhere??

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