Thursday, March 30, 2006

Excuuuuuuuse Me!

Ryan has graduated from Princess to Queen B in such a short span of time, my head is still spinning. The attitude on this one, I'm tellin' ya, I've never seen anything like it.

Being from Tomball, raised by a quasi-feminist mother (who only allowed me to NOT enter myself in the Miss Tomball pageant in High School if I said it was degrating to women, and not b/c I just knew I had like ZERO chance) and a Hope, AR native, led me in my younger years to never turn away from a biatch, and certainly never take anyone's shit lying down.

(Except for Lea Ann. She still scares me a little.)

Back to my story.

So normally I would totally go off on anyone who threw the 'tude in my face the way Ry does, but being that I've "matured", and the fact that I'm, you know, the mother, I can't so much do that any more. I mean, I could, but I just think that would be a little too ugly.

(Honestly? I'm a little afraid of her, too)

So how do I handle it when my kiddo comes into my room after being put to bed with no stories (disobeying at dinner) and no songs (hitting her brother), and sweetly asks me if I could turn up the volume on my tv, because she can't hear what the people are saying?

The balls on this kid must be massive (as well as invisible), b/c there was no way in hell I would ever have disobeyed as much, or thrown quite as much attitude at my parents as she does. I was nerd central, which is why up till now I've only been worried that she would suffer the disgraces of my youth. I guess I forgot that she is also a by-product of her father, which scares me even more b/c man, what a hellion that dude was.

I'm a little apt to blame it on some of the older kiddos she's been hanging with lately (Those wicked 7 year olds!!!), mostly because every other word out of her mouth is "Duh!", and I swear to God if she rolls her eyes at me one more time, I'm likely to scratch them out. In all fairness, I have warned her, so don't think I'm all that bad, K?

On second thought, think whatever the hell you want. I'm spent.

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Anonymous said...

I think you need to spank her little toushy! But man she cracks me up!!! Glad to see that since I am gone someone keeps you in check! seriously though pull a "mom" and spank her ass...but before you do rant on about how "this hurts you more that it hurts her" blah blah blah! HaHa love you mom!

Love, Lea