Saturday, March 18, 2006

Okay, whatever words I have to write to get all of you lovely loyal readers out there to visit the above website, please imagine them written here:_____________________________.

If any of you live in or around the Central Texas area, if you have family or friends in the Central Texas area, if you can make a weekend trip to the Central Texas area, BE AT THIS SALE OCTOBER 6-8, 2006. Why such early warning? I've just finished working the sale (we still have our 1/2 off day tomorrow), and all I can think about is the next one.

This is the best thing I have seen in a long long time and I cannot get the word out fast enough.

The Mommy and Me Sale is a consignment sale currently held at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock. With well over 150 consignors submitting over 11,000 items, everyone is bound to find something they can use.

While the sale is mostly children's consignment, the variety of items for sale is massive: clothing ranging from preemies to pre-teens, maternity wear (and TONS of it), furniture, decor, dvds, cd's, videos, books, toys, bicycles, outdoor play equipment, bedding, safety items -- things you didn't even know existed!!! And every single item is inspected (I should know, after spending over 10 hours on my feet straining my eyes searching for even the teeniest stain or spot, rip or tear) for quality assurance by REAL MOMS, most of whom will likely be buying a large majority of the items they inspect!

I came home yesterday with over 100 items, from a Disney Princess scooter for Ry (natch) to a baby gate (hello, $5!!!), to a brand-new diaper bag, to oodles and oodles of clothes, shoes, nighties, you name it. All in all, I spent just over $200, and that's not even counting the consignment commission I will receive. My fave purchase? Oh, you know -- the 10 pairs of NEW Gymboree socks I scored for $1.00 -- TOTAL! I may never buy retail again.

I'm currently trying to figure out a way to convince Shawn to let me spend $75 on a beautiful Like-New Pottery Barn 8x10 rug that will be half off tomorrow(you know, to cover the "I-swear-it's-diaper-cream-and-not-poo stains on the carpet in the Big Room), as well as $30 on a quality Eddie Bauer DOUBLE STROLLER. Any words of advice would be appreciated.

Anyway, while it may be too late for some of you to make the 1/2-off sale tomorrow, you still have plenty of time to prepare for the Fall sale in October.

We only sell season-appropriate items (I say "we", because I feel like part of their family now), so if you think you might like to consign, you'll want to start putting aside all of your fall/winter clothing -- including outerwear and COSTUMES!!!! The best part? If you do consign, you get a chance to shop before the public, and we all know how much we like to feel "VIP" -- just admit it.

So do this NOW before you forget: click on the "Mommy And Me" link to the right, or enter in your browser. Bookmark this page, and start sorting through your closet, because if you do choose to consign, you can start entering your inventory as early as August 1st. (I'm already planning a Girl's Weekend so all my mommy friends and I can help with the sale, make money, buy great stuff, and have social time outside of the computer, the library, or passing each other at the gym. I'm brimming with excitement, BRIMMING.)

What makes this already-awesome sale even awesom-er is that Teresa Sutton, the owner of the sale, donates a portion of all proceeds to local children's charities, and most of the items that don't sell are donated to local non-profits.

Finally, I'd also like to give a shout out to Teresa, Dawn, and Brandy for all of the incredible work they did to make this year's sale such a success -- you guys ROCK!!!! (What? A little ass-kissing never hurts...)

Check back later for pics of some of the stuff I bought, plus some of my one-of-a-kind tees that I plan to sell next time.

Okay. That's it. I've got to go clean now so that when the kiddos get back from the Lakehouse they can have something to mess up. Am I MOTY or what???

P.S. BIG PROPS to Menana, Big Daddy, and Ninny for helping me with the kids this weekend. I would never have been able to take part in this event, or make all the wonderful contacts I did if not for your help. (Now please mark your calenders for October. )

**UPDATE, 10:18pm** The biggest Thanks to Lea and her cutie-pie friend Robert, aka "Don't Call Me Samoan" for watching the kiddos on Thursday. So sorry about the pink eye, but I'm pretty sure you got it from the Ninster. Although if you insist on laying the guilt trip on me and mine, go right ahead. I'm quite used to it by now!!!

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Um lets see...who babysat the kids on Thursday? No thanks necessary, the pink eye in both eyes is payment enough!