Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Technical Difficulties

And How We Are Experiencing Them
by Amy York
Oh internet how you tease,
coming and going as you please.
Here today, gone tomorrow
as my readers wait in desperate sorrow (stop laughing).
The kids are sick and so am I;
no longer laughing, now I just cry.
Ryan turned four and what an ordeal -
We're now eating cookies and cupcakes at every meal.
Jax may be wheezing; then again, maybe not.
One thing's for sure, he's loaded with snot.
Shawn and I went on a date;
don't remember much 'cept for the dirt that I ate
when I scaled a fence at the rodeo
and fell to the ground;
'Tis what happens when the alcohol abounds.
Other than that, we're as boring as ever;
sorry I couldn't come up with something more clever.

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