Monday, March 6, 2006

30 Years Ago

30 years ago a young woman walked down the aisle. Against the wishes of her parents, and the regulations of her Church, she marched into a somewhat uncertain future with a somewhat uncertain man.

30 years ago a young man stood waiting with love and hope in his heart (and probably a couple of shots of whiskey in his gut).

30 years ago he had no idea that all of his playboy ways would come back to haunt him in the form 3 crazy daughters.

30 years ago she had no idea that she would eventually give birth to the sisters she never had as a child.

30 years ago they did not know about the excruciating back surgeries, the 5 heart attacks, the cancer.

30 years ago they were unaware that the fruits of their labor would be washed away, only to leave their eyes open to the only riches they would truly ever need.

30 years ago she was unsure of whether or not this marriage thing would work.

30 years ago he was vulnerable and insecure, ready to "spilt the sheets" at the drop of a hat.

30 years ago the blueprint for a true, loving, open and honest marriage was developed; one that is used by at least one other marriage in hopes of finding the same lasting success.

30 years ago God was watching. God was listening. God stepped in and gave two lost souls the strength, love, support, and friendship they needed to become whole.

30 years ago my Mom and Dad were married.

30 years ago...damn, they're old!

Love you!!! ;)

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