Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lola Has Left The Building

Bless her shit-eating lil' heart. She is no longer a member of our immediate family, but has found safe, friendly shelter just a few miles away at Ginger's house! (Thanks again, MIL!)

In our family's never-ending journey to "letting go", we decided it was time that she went, and she very happily did!! She loves Ginger and Ginger's dog Nalu, plus no one there will kick her, pull her tail, or try to ride her like a horse (except when we visit, that is). Alas, no one there wears diapers, either, so it looks like she will have to forego the feces-portion of her diet for a while (except when we visit, that is).

And the visiting will commence very soon. Very very soon. Especially since this whole "letting go" bit was really more Mommy and Daddy-fueled, the kids being against it 100%. That's the thing about parenthood, though. You may be the ones having to clean up the poo and lose sleep every single night, but in exchange you get to make all the decisions.

Doesn't seem like a very fair trade, does it? I didn't think so either, but I suppose I had it coming, seeing as how I spent the majority of my pre-teen and teenage years yearning to be the decision-maker, grinding my teeth at the TOTALLY UNFAIR decisions my parents made.

What an idiot.

Anyway, in an adieu to Lola, I've compiled some of her more infamous moments below. Read, laugh, cry, gag, and thank the stars above that I didn't send her YOUR way!! (I'm talking to You, Mom & Dad!!)

"I Was THIS Close"

"Busy, Busy"



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