Thursday, November 29, 2007

Name Dropping

Okay, so I should be cleaning right now, but I forgot a funny tidbit from yesterday and I really wanted to share it (plus, I have an update on Big Daddy...)

Story first!!

So yesterday, after we'd said 3 pre-goodbyes, we'd finally managed to walk him all the way to the waiting room, where the tears really flew. The anesthesiologist must have felt bad for us, because he quickly informed us that Dad's doctor was the same one who'd operated on Nolan Ryan not too long ago, and was considered one of the very best.

I swear, you'd have thought he just told us Dad was all better and could go home the way we fawned all over that one. I'm not sure if Nolan Ryan cares, but his successful heart surgery made things just a little easier on our family yesterday. We are that lame.

(This week on Grey's Anatomy:

Chief: "Okay people. The research is in and we've discovered that people tend to be less apprehensive about a loved one's surgery if they think the operating doctor has successfully performed the same surgery on a famous person. So that's what we'll be doing from now on.

Grey, you'll go first -- try that gullible-looking family from Texas.")

Now, onto the update: They just took out the tubes in his wrist, leg and neck, and will most likely be taking out his chest tubes later today.

I spoke with him earlier and he sounded miraculous. I love him so much, you don't even know.

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