Thursday, November 29, 2007

All Systems Go

Well, what we thought would only be a Triple Bypass turned into a Quadruple Bypass, but that didn't phase Big Daddy -- he's recovering well and I just heard that he is sitting up and eating, so that's a relief! He'll be in CCU today and possibly tomorrow, after which he'll be moved to a different room for a few more days.

No one is more relieved than the other waiting room patrons, who by 3:30 yesterday afternoon were ready for our motley crew to move our motley butts elsewhere. Jax can only be contained for so long, you see....

Lea, Ninny and Mom are all at the hospital, I of course, am rendered useless to them because my own little man. Don't think I'm not fuming over that.

Thanks for all of your prayers! I'll continue to keep you updated!!

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