Thursday, January 18, 2007

That's All I'm Sayin'

Happy now??

Here's what happened:

We've been stuck in the house, or had been, for at least 3 days, me and the kids, while the entire Austin-area was freaking out over an inch or two of ice. I'm hours away from my period, Shawn comes home Tuesday night with a stomach virus, quarantines himself in the master bedroom, which is the only non-child-inhabited warm room in the house.

Chalk it up to too much cold, too much kids, too much hormones, too much cabin fever -whatever the reason, I felt compelled yesterday morning to cut my bangs. Please don't ask me why. I cannot handle trying to explain to one more person why I would do something so stupid, I just did. Anyway, one thing led to another, and before anyone could say "Tinkerbell!", that's apparently who I turned into.

Tinkerbell, Kevin Bacon, Dudley Moore, my mother... I look like a million people other than myself, and while I am trying hard to remember that it is just a silly haircut and that it will grow back, I am having a difficult time.

For someone who thought she was ugly to begin with, this is a new low, one that will take me a little time to dig my way out of. Not to mention the fact that Shawn won't speak to me, much less look at me, and the rest of my family has me on speed dial, worried about me to the point that they're suggesting therapy.

I will be fine. It is JUST HAIR, but I don't want to talk about it again for a while, so please don't ask. The kids are great, the house is messy as usual, and I've still got some of my humor intact, as I will prove by inserting this dandy little quote, which is all that's been running through my head since yesterday morning: "I've used bobbypins to stop the curling on one side..."


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What no pics????

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we demand pics

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