Monday, July 24, 2006

I told you so

I'm wondering if the symptoms of roid rage show up this early in life for kids who have to use inhaled steroids for asthma treatments. They must, and surely their effects are concentrated in such tiny bodies, for how else can you explain the testosterone pumping through (and out of) our baby boy??

I've seen other boys, and I've seen parents of boys react to Jax's outbursts, and I'm thinking it really is just him.

At first we were thrilled with his early ability and propencity to throw a ball, but now things have quite literally gotten out of hand. He no longer finds joy in tossing the pigskin, and has instead taken to flinging all matter of Unintentional Flying Objects, such as hangers, trains, toy houses, etc...

Again, we started out reacting to this with a measured mix of delight and fear, but now it's weighing more on the fearful side, and with good cause. The kid knows what he's doing, and he's doing it on purpose. If you piss him off, you best be duckin', because chances are something heavy, pointy, and dangerous is coming at you.

Exhibit A: This afternoon I was munching on some potato chips when he came toddling up begging, so I handed him a couple of chips, which he proceeded to crumble and toss on the ground. Less than a minute later, he was back at my feet whimpering for a bite. A member of life's slow learning curve, I handed him another, and the cycle continued. When he approached me again, I refused, to which he responded by screaming at me, retrieving one of his previously discarded chips, and hurling it at my face.

Granted, not a scary object to have thrown at you, but just the fact that he made a point of picking up the object of debate and sending it flying into my face made it very obvious that the flinging was an act of anger towards me, and that I really should fear for my life from this point on.

Exhibit B: We were recently in a restaurant when he ran out of food on his plate, at which point he threw his head back and beat his chest like some Incredible Hulk Mini-me, screamed bloody murder, and chunked his sippy cup at our table. The entire restaurant suddenly got very still, until one by one, parents began laughing, children began pointing, and Mommy and Daddy began packing up.

So now all I want to know is how much I can get from our pediatrician for pain and suffering as a result of the meds she insisted would not adversly effect our little angel. I'm thinking a small negotiating session with a hungry, cranky, angry Jax should seal the deal.


Lisa said...

What asthma meds is he on? They maybe be able to change them. My son is on meds too and doesn't act like that. How old is Jax again? Could be his age.

Crazy Rockin' Foxy Mama said...

He's 15 months and has been prescribed Albuterol, though we haven't had to give him a treatment in some time. I actually did ask the doc today if his outbursts were normal, and she said it sounded like they were, but then again, she's never actually seen one...;)

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight...Jax is 15 months old and he is acting like a screaming child...hmmm. I'm not a doctor but I think you should cut the kid a break!

SimpleSouthernScents said...

It's crazy because he sounds a lot like Jayden was and still is. (Good Luck!) We did Albuterol NEB treatments with both boys and more Hunter than Jayden. Hunter has been on steriods more times than I can count on my hand and still takes daily asthma meds. But he's not like that. It's strange. If I can recall, Jayden has taken steriods once. Albuterol made both my boys HYPER! Hunter even went from the NEB to the Albuterol inhaler. I couldn't handle it. We got hooked up with Zopenex (sp?). It's so much better and doesn't make the kids so crazy.

I thought Jax sounded like an aries child like Jayden, but he's a Taurus, right? Had to laugh at this:

Parents of a Taurus tot are going to have to be very aware of this baby's need to be touched. Loving caresses and a tender touch are what the Taurus baby lives for! Along those lines, this is a child who needs to be comfortable. Things to keep in mind are providing a room and bed that are neither too hot nor too cold, food that is tasty (a budding gourmand has arrived!), soothing sounds, and whimsical toys. As Taurus rules the Second House, the House of Possessions, this baby's playthings will be very important. When it comes to the learning curve, the Taurus baby is not in a hurry to grasp new concepts. This tot will learn things at their own pace and be unresponsive to pressure, yet persevering in the end. In light of this, a gentle manner to get this baby to react and respond is the sensible course of action. Also familial in nature, the Taurus baby will enjoy having the family in close proximity, especially siblings. You can consider this baby a people person in general, as they are also likely to control the play circle where that well-known Taurean stubbornness will reveal itself! To sum up, the Taurus baby wants to be touched, will revel in delicious toys, and as an Earth Sign, will want to have both feet firmly planted on the ground!

Anonymous said...

Taurus-smaurus,meds-schmed......I agree with anonymous. GIVE TAHT PRECIUOS BOY A BREAK!