Monday, July 10, 2006

ACast of Characters

They really should screen who they will/will not allow to teach Vacation Bible School.

That said, I am teaching this week, both as a way to help out and as a way to cut Ryan's registration fee in half -- it was only $15 normally, but think of all the things I could buy with that reamining $7.50...

Anyway, today's theme was The Birth of Jesus, and I was in charge of leading the class activity. Originally, I had this big elaborate plan to bring assorted costumes, and instead of having them use the nativity scene characters to act out the story, they would be dressed as the characters themselves. I really am clever, I just like to wait until the very.last.minute. You know, to boost the creativity factor. And boost it, I did.

Around 9pm last night I realized I didn't really have any Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, 3 shepards or 3 angel costumes -- not even a spare sheet to rip apart (flylady's got me flinging everything!!). So, I opted for the next best thing -- actual nativity characters, which I'm assuming the director of VBS thought those righteous enough to teach 4 yr olds about the bible would own. I, of course, do not.

*sigh* Fine. After much deliberation, this is what I came up with:

Mary ...... Mini Belle Doll
Joseph..... Mini Aladdin doll (very ethnically correct, BTW)
Angel #1... The Giant stuffed Angel Dog Ryan made for me at Build -a-Bear
Angel #2... Fairy Doll
Angel #3... Tinkerbell Doll
Shepard #1...Half-Naked Ken Doll (don't worry, it was the right half)
Shepard #2... Wooden Merlin the Magician figurine
Shepard #3... GI Joe
Baby Jesus...The rubber door-stop from the classroom, wrapped in a scrap of piece of paper, tied up with string. Very swaddling.

And now I'm just waiting for my notice of ex-communication...


Anonymous said...

Ryan will never live you down. Atleast mom was a cool music leader! Don't be surprised when Ry and Jax are begging you to send them off to stay with their cool Aunt Lea in AZ when they grow up! A door stop as Jesus...HONESTLY!...hope those 4yr olds aren't smart enough to draw a figureative connection!

lavaflow said...

What a great way to improve! Sounds like you are very creative:) Speaking of Build-A-Bears, I went to one the other week with my niece and they were holding some kind of auditions for kids to have the chance to be in a movie based on the "Alice" book series..What will they think of next??