Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bloody Hell

What's with the whole bloody nose thing? Someone's gonna have to fill me in, because I've never been a victim of said disease, and yes, it must be a disease, becasue it just,won't.go.away.

Jax took a tumble a while back, leaving him bleeding out the nose like a stuck pig, and ever since then, anytime his face/head area makes contact with another hard surface, the flood gates open.

What the hell? Is he gonna be the Bloody Nose Kid, because, EWWWW GROSSS!!! I'm hoping that there is some simple medical explanation dealing with broken capillaries or something, or else we're in for a long bloody ride.

Not only that, but when he hits himself, he also starts crying, so what we end up with is a nice visous mixture of snot and blood. Mmmmm. I think I'll go start dinner now.

We're having spaghetti.

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