Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Round Rock, TX: The NEW Melting Pot

Who knew?? Who would have thought that a little old city on the outskirts of Austin would be such a wonderful compilation of people from all ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures?? I mean, this is Texas, y'all!

Kidding aside, I was so impressed by our elementary school's talent show this past week. Not only did the kids display wonderful talents (like our own Ryan, who boldly sang the "Months of the Year" song), but they brought so much of the world right into our laps.

There were classical Indian dances, Tae Kwan Do and Kung Fu forms, a Martin Luther King, Jr. dramatization of his "I Have A Dream" speech, piano pieces as simple as "Twinkle, Twinkle" and as complex as Mozart, lots of unbelievable violin solos, and so much more.

And not one of these kids was over the age of 11. I'm so glad that my kids are coming of age in a time and a place where they are exposed to so many different cultures in such an easy, casual manner. It makes me so hopeful for what their world will be like when we are gone.

Although, judging by the way Jax is chasing Lola around the kitchen while banging himself on the head with an empty coke bottle, I'm not gonna hold my breath.

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