Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Monster in the House

Jax camre running into our room in the wee hours of the morning tody, as usual, but this time he was scared -- nd very vocal.

"There's a monster in my room! The monster, thew clock, Ryan. The monster!!!"

Having just been dreaming that this sweet little 3 yr old was trying to kill me (yeah, what does THAT mean??), I mumbled something, set up a pallet on the floor and tried to go back to sleep.

Of course, just minutes later Ry cam bounding in, whining, "No fair! How come he gets to sleep in here?"

So I set up a pllet for her, listened to them argue for a few minutes about who had more/not enough room on the floor, then giggled to myself as Shawn grumbled to them fron his sleep, sending them into another arguement (a whispering one this one) about who was being louder.

Later this morning as I ws getting Jax dressed, he commented on the monster in his room again, and this time I answered, "No, baby. There's no monster. See?" Showing him that all the nooks and crannies in his room were just that, he bounced back with, "No, Mommy! The monster! Ryan! By the clock!!"

"There is no clock in here Jax -- and are you saying that Ryan was the monster?"

"Yes! Ryan Monster! She SCARE me!!"

Listening to her bully him now, I can certainly see why...

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