Tuesday, October 23, 2007

York Stew

So much to say, so little time!! Shawn and I celebrated our 2nd 6th anniversary this weekend (or as Lea puts it, our "fake-iversary") and we went camping!!

Gorgeous weather, perfect locale, it was exactly what we've been missing. We're getting ready to go again with the kids in a few weeks. If you ever get up to the Hill Country, I highly suggest you visit Krause Springs.

Menana & Big Daddy kept the kids while we were gone, a mere 20 minutes away from us, so they were able to join us Saturday afternoon for fishing and exploring (oh, and showing off the new bikes the family bought for them).

Later, Ry and Shawn carved our Jack-o-lantern, and yesterday Shawn and Jax did a Daddy day, spending lots of time doing BOY things. I did not ask for specifics. There are some things you just don't want to know about, you know?


Sunset at Krause Springs....
Our home-away-from-home...
OMG -- Ry and the neighbors had a lemonade sale, where I think they sold maybe one or two drinks, but it didn't stop them from exploiting capitalism to the fullest. (How much should you tip on a 10 cent cup of lemonade? )
Ry's new bike. Very neon. Very zebra. Very "groovy".

Silly boys...

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