Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Snot, Salmonella & Splenda

As if coughing all night long, hawking up lugees (sp??) and waking up with a sore throat wasn't enough to get me started on the right foot today, Jax ran off with an unbroken raw egg and, seeing me coming to grab it away, took a big huge bite. Raw egg all over his mouth, his hands, me, and the floor (of course, Lola quickly aided in the clean-up, which means I'm now on the lookout for Doggy Hershey Squirts).

Then I had to take him up to Ry's school to do some work, and rather than play with the abundant number of toys provided in the play room, he opted to climb up to the coffee table and chew open 15 packets of Splenda.

And people wonder why we stay home so much.

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