Tuesday, October 23, 2007

See What Happens??

For those few (but close to my heart) of you who complain about me not posting more often, I refer to exhibits A and B:

Exhibit A:

Daddy's Meat Thermometer. This must have been where it landed after he he pierced his hand with it and came running to me for a band-aid.

Exhibit B:

Any guesses on what this is? If you guessed "frozen pastry puff" you're a winner! (Unlike the poor folks for whom I was saving this to use to make them dinner next week as an apology for the same crappy dish I made for them last night, but without the added soup. Note to self: When preparing meals for the terminally ill, make sure they are edible.)

...and here he is running away as I try to get it from him. He won't eat my Fried Chicken, lasagna, or mini meatloaves, but just try and keep him from his FPP. Go on, I dare you.

Yes, all this took place in the 15 minutes it took me to post this morning. However, now that we've put the vacuum down for a nap, Jax is also tucked away and I am free to post to my heart's content. Except I can't because I still have 2 loads of laundry, ironing, toilets to clean, and I have to get it done before 12:30 when we leave to pick up Ry from school. Don'tcha love EARLY RELEASE???

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