Friday, September 21, 2007

Lunchtime Follies

Jax and I took lunch up to Ryan this morning, and it was just as exciting as always. Being the silly mommy I am, I like to twist words around and say funny things, insuring that I am not only loved but clamored everytime we go up there. (Is the big L on my forehead blazing, or what?)

Anyway, today one of the little boys was talking about Transformers this and Transformers that, so I asked him, "You must really Love Transformers. Are you gonne MARRY them?" (snicker, snicker)

He just looked at me crazily and said, "Nooo, but I am gonna marry my Transformer toys."

umm, okay.

Later, when one of Ryan's friends asked me my name (again) I said, "Queen Rammalammadingdong," at which point she made a funny face at me and sort of backed away.

I turned to Ryan and said, "I think your friend thinks I'm weird, Ry."

All of a sudden the Transformer boy pipes up, "Well I think you're pretty. Except for your eyes, I mean."

ummm, okay.

And finally, it took us 15 minutes to walk from the school to the parking lot, because as Jax has just acquired his first "Thomas" train, he insists on rolling it everywhere we go. On his knees. Through the halls, onto the patio, across the nasty black-topped parking lot...

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