Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Hard Day's Night

This evening the kids and I were eagerly awaiting Shawn's arrival -- it had been one of those days for him where he doesn't get a second to answer the phone, much less reply to emails or texts, so I knew he was needing a cold beer, a good meal and some excited greetings from the kids.

The greetings were covered, seeing as how the little monsters habitually sit at the window (a la "Cat in the Hat"), waiting to see his truck pull up, subsequently releasing ear-piercing screams and shrieks when at last that large red beacon lumbers its way into the drive.

The cold beer and hot meal proved to be a tad more difficult to accomplish.

In one of her "moods", Ryan decides to start playing jokes, pretending Shawn has pulled up, going so far as to unlock, open the door and scream, "Hi Daddy!" She is eagerly aided by Jax, who just lives to copy everything his big sister does (Note the fingernail polish on his big toe. And his ear.)

Hearing the tell-tale signs, I abandon my chicken-quesadilla-cooking post at the stove and quickly jump over to the freezer, pull out a mug, and empty a fresh beer into it, as I rush to the door to greet my man. I know, it sounds completely lame. I am completely lame, remember??

Anyway, lo and behold, I leave the kitchen to the sight of an empty entry way and the resounding echo of giggles.

"Ryan! I just poured a cold beer for Daddy -- now what am I gonna do with it?"

(She just continues to laugh)

"Don't do it again" I say, returning to the stove.

But of course, she does it a 2nd time, I fall for it (shut up), get irritated and say, "Ryan! Please stop! I want to make things nice for Daddy. He's had a long hard day."

"Well what about ME? I've had a hard day, too, you know, and you're not being very nice to me right now!"

(Stifling the obvious snort) "I'm sorry, Ry. I didn't know you'd had a hard day. What happened?"

Releasing one of her classic exasperated sighs, she replied, "You know, all the walking back and forth and back and forth."

"Where are you walking to?"

"The bathroom. And then we have to sit down and then stand up and sit down."

(long pause as she throws herself on the floor) "You don't even know how hard it is on the carpet at school. Gaawww."

Needless to say, Shawn got home later than planned, I drank the beer, and his food is sitting in the micro waiting to be re-heated.

And so it goes.

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