Sunday, October 22, 2006

Amy & Shawn, sittin' in a tree...

We just had the best anniversary weekend. Ever. I say that every year, which I personally think is a testament to our marriage, but none-the-less, this one really really rocked.

This was our seca-fifth-aversary (second fifth), and since we didn't do anything for our Aug. date, we knew we needed to kick it up. (You can read my post from our 1st 5th here.)

The actual date was Friday, and we started our morning out perfectly: snuggled with the kiddos in bed, chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, and on to the Y for a workout.

Ginger came over and relieved us from our parenting duties, we took off and had such a nice lunch at Hula Hut, zipped over to pay a visit to our buddy Jeremiah (he was a groomsman), then took off to Buda to wait for Jenny, Lalo and Jeff.

Buda? Buda? Yes, my friends. Buda. Host to the Texas Fire Fest, their annual firefighters fundraiser, headlined by the one and only Cross Canadian Ragweed. We were so there.

All was lovely until we got to the motel and found out our reservations were actually for the site in Austin. Much arguing ensued, fueling a Mom-moment between myself and the front desk clerk, a moment which Shawn quickly deflected, paying for a new room, and ultimately feeding me a few drinks to calm me back down.

The rest of our posse arrived, and we quickly huddled into the car, heading to dinner and then on to the show.

Jenny had connections and got us backstage, where I quickly pounced on Cody Canada, embracing him in a bear hug and exclaiming, "It's my 5th Anniversary!!", to which he laughed, smiled, nodded, and walked away. He totally had the hots for me, until I crushed him with the anniversary bit, poor guy.

The show was amazing as always, Shawn and I got sufficiently hammered; Jenny, Lalo and Jeff made sufficient fun of us, and we all crashed at the motel.

We got some face time with the kids the nect day, until Ninny whisked them away to the lake so that we could have a quiet dinner out, thanks to the gift certs she provided. Great food, good wine, and then Shawn sends me this with the following caption:

"thought you'd like to see the pumpkin I carved your visage into."

I think it might be love.

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