Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What I learned at Disneyland

At Disneyland, I learned that even I, cynical Mommy, will weep when the right music is played while watching fabulous fireworks. I learned that late September, mid-week is the best time to go, because once Saturday hits, you're really just walking and waiting, walking and waiting.

I learned that just because your 4 yr old can't get enough of Space Mountain, does not mean she will enjoy the Tower of Terror. (I know she looks scared at S.M., but if you could only see the original shot if T.T., you would see how completely alarmed she is to be falling 200 feet. Unfortunately, I did not want to spend $30 on the photo, so you'l just have to take my word for it.)

I learned that you can never ever ever bring enough money to Disneyland. Ever. Ever.

I learned that putting on a dress and having someone fix your hair

will automatically turn anyone into a super model.

At Disneyland I also learned that unless there is a Disney celebrity in the frame, your kid will not want to take a picture.

I learned my favorite thing about the Disney Princesses is how much attention they give to each child -- every.single.one.

I learned that if you ask even one non-character-playing Disney employee for their autograph and picture, the look on their face will be totally worth all the characters you didn't get to meet. (Thanks, Mario!!)

I learned that you should definitely spend the money for the Goofy Breakfast -- awesome buffet, tons of characters, totally worth it! Just watch out -- Goofy tends to smother.

And finally, I learned that a true Princess will act like a Princess anywhere she goes -- even in Minnie Mouse's house.

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