Friday, September 29, 2006

The OTHER Lost Boy

I had to put Jax into a wrestling hold this morning to get his shitty diaper changed (note to self: no more red grapes for Jax). All I'm thinking is, "Really, God? 7:30 am and already you've got me pinning down my son in order to wipe poo out of his crack? REALLY??"

I'm telling you -- if that kid wakes up all bad-mood-dude, you better grab some Holy Water, a wooden stake and a string of garlic, because that's about what it will take to get the evil spirit possessing him to get the fuck out. You have no idea how many times I thought about running to get the video camera so I could document his tantrums for medical purposes.

I'm seriously serious, people. I will do it. And then I will post it. And then, then you nay-sayers who think I'm over-reacting will have to eat your words and come babysit. Mwahahahaha!!

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