Monday, September 1, 2008

Pribacy, Please!

Jax's vocab is delightfully refreshing these days. When he's not screaming, projectile vomitting, or calling me "Stupid Mommy", that is.

We successfully completed potty training last week -- yay us!-- but now every time he goes, he yells,"Shut the door, I need my PRIBACY!!" Of course, he followed that up by running out of the bathroom, little member just a-swingin', shaking his bottom and singing, "My booty!My booty!"

Then there's the way he pronounces "Home Depot". You might not think that phrase would come around all that often, but we're talking about Jax. He owns the Home Depot 20 car, but to him its "Dome Pee-po". As in, "Mommy! That car next to us is Jimmie Johnson and we're Dome Pee-po. Go go go!!!"

Or the way he says "Holy Moly". Sounds a lot like "Homie Lowly". And I won't be correcting him anytime soon.

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